Interview with Elise Rose

These are images that are void of the mundane; they are dreamy visions soaked in a palette of vivid and colourful tones, layered in shimmery jewels and collages; they are a quirk to lighten any monotonous day. There is no dull in Elise Rose‘s world, no scenery and no fashion editorial that is ever lifeless. She is  undeniably something to admire and adore for there aren’t many people out there that allow their work to represent everything they truly love. “Outside of photography I’m obsessed with anything that’s quintessentially British and quaint, paralleled with a love for psychedelia and surrealism.” We’re ecstatic we got the opportunity to chat with this wonderful photographer herself to learn a little more about her wondrous work.


When did you first discover your love for photography?
My interest in photography began when I started a photography course at my local collage aged 16. I had always had a love for music, drawing, painting, and moving image which I definitely think helped to steer me on a creative path.  Whilst at college I discovered many bold & colourful works that really inspired me to start creating fashion images.  Outside of college I started to photograph local girls and intriguing personalities. I then went on to study a fashion photography degree in Wales and it’s all progressed from there.


Where you draw your inspiration from?
I’ve always been inspired by movies that are a bit dreamlike or bizarre. Anything by Tarantino, Park Chan-Wook or Wes Anderson. Alex Grey & Dali’s extraordinary visual art work. From a young age I’ve been fascinated by Harajuku culture and the mix of outlandishly feminine Lolita fashion with an urban edge. I think that’s something that comes through in my work.


How would you describe your aesthetic?
Dreamy, surreal, colourful, escapist. feminine, narrative.

There is something about your work that just oozes fun and creativity! How would you describe your personality?
I think it’s all about not taking life too seriously.

What’s one aspect of your work that you believe defines you?
My influences change and shoots styles are more dependant on the narrative I’m portraying, But in short, I never like things to be too simple. Even my more minimal work or fashion reportage ends up having some kind of exterior detail.


Is there someone that inspired you to get where you are today?
Miles Aldridge, David LaChapelle, Tim Walker, Juregen Teller, Ellen Von Unwerth.It was these photographers that pushed me to want to create as well as photograph. I think I would still be a photographer, but my style may have been different. They all have a way of expressing persona & femininity in an abstract way. Daniel Sannwald and Synchrodogs are newer artists that are always producing refreshing imagery.


Where would you like to be in the future?
I just want to continue creating images. I’d love to shoot a project in Japan.

What can we expect next from Elise Rose?
I’m progressing into moving imagery and videos to coincide with my stills.More of a cinematic experience for each story. As well as my fashion editorial & reportage work, I’m working with more musicians which is exciting.