A talk with Andrew Nuding

Andrew Nuding is a 20-year-old photographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland where he is finishing his University degree. Just in his 3rd year of a 4 year program, he has gained an impressive list of clients, experience, and admirers; recently travelling to work with American Apparel in New York City, and having his work found online and praised by Dazed. Here we talk with the extremely down to earth artist about his photographs, and why, based on his past experiences, he believes personal work for a photographer in the fashion industry is key.

Hi Andrew! Tell us a bit about yourself as a person and as an artist. I’m currently studying Fine Art Media at NCAD in Dublin. After I graduate, I’ll definitely be moving to either London or New York. I love living and working in Dublin but moving over to a bigger city would open more doors for me.
Why analogue? I love the process of analogue and the imperfections of it. It just feels right too. I tried shooting with digital when I was working for American Apparel and I just didn’t like it. It’s not necessarily the aesthetic of analogue that I prefer. It just feels more personal between you and whoever you’re working with when you’re not constantly checking the camera screen. I like not knowing what to expect.
You have shot for some pretty impressive publications such as Dazed & Confused and THREAD. How do you find a happy balance between editorial work and personal work, and how do you think the two differ in your portfolio? My personal work is always influencing my editorial work. It’s because of my personal work Dazed contacted me. After finishing my 1st year of college , I put all my work up online and someone from Dazed spotted it. They wanted me to continue what I was doing but as an editorial. Personal work for a photographer is so important. alicia320130526_0132edit
The song you have on repeat at the moment? This song is always on repeat!
Have you ever found yourself being photographically inspired by music or a particular song? Beach House have always been a big influence for me!
Tell us about your work for American Apparel and shooting in NY. Is travel becoming a regular thing for you while you grow as a photographer? If you could choose one place to travel to for photography where would you go? I started shooting fashion because of my sister about 3/4 years ago. One of our shoots went up on a UK magazine’s website and American Apparel saw it. I’ve been in contact with them since. So when I was over in NY for the Summer I met their creative director, Iris Alonzo. She was great and got me set up with a studio there. They’re pretty cool to work for! They organised everything for me so I just had to show up to shoots, it was great! I’ve been over in London a few times since I got back from NY. I love working in London, it’s so close to Dublin but it feels like a different world. It’s a whole different ballgame over there. I’m currently working on a personal project with a fellow artist. We’re going to Iceland to make work! I can’t wait. It’s always been a dream to go there.
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This year you want to accomplish with your photography… I’m going back to NY this Summer so I think just getting loads of work done when I’m over there!
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Where can our readers find you and your work online? Instagram is definitely the best place to keep up to date with me and my work!
But my website is where you can see most of my work.
Also andrewnuding.tumblr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewnuding/