Luiza Potiens

“I’m from a smaller city in the countryside, now I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m 23.” Photographer Luiza Potiens pours all of her thoughts and feelings into her photographs, inviting us to gaze upon and share private and intimate moments.

Hi Luiza! Tell us a bit about yourself as a person and as an artist.
I graduated in 2011 in Photography, I’ve been working with fashion images and videos since then. I try to spend my time equally with working on personal projects too. Besides that, in the last few months I’ve been running a photography fanzine featuring young photographers from all over the world.
What has been your biggest photographic accomplishment thus far?
It’s hard to say, I’m still taking baby steps, but this last year it was cool to have an exhibition, and being featured in some really amazing magazines and websites alongside other photographers that inspired me in so many moments.
LuizaPotiens_Valentina007Are there any specific themes that you like to explore in your work? What do you hope viewers of your work will feel or take away from it?
In my personal projects, I’m always pursuing for sensibility. For the beauty of women and flowers together. Sometimes they even merge themselves. I hope that viewers of my work can see the resemblance when a woman’s skin blends with flower petals.
The song you have on repeat at the moment?
The Majority Says – Run Alone
Have you ever found yourself being photographically inspired by music or a particular song?
I guess I’m always inspired by music. Photographically speaking and in my life too. Music is a great medicine for the soul.
What are 5 things that most people don’t know about you?
I need a daily time with my plants.
I wish I could draw.
I like spending time alone with my thoughts and plans.
Sometimes, I’m a dreamer.
I have a serious problem with notebook addiction.
LuizaPotiens_zeum008Your idea of a perfect day?
A shining sun, a cool breeze, good company, a hot cup of coffee, a great talk, discovering a new place, photograph, a new kind of food for lunch you’ve never tried before, a cozy place to lay down and do nothing, music, a room with large glass windows, photograps, a great view to see the sunset, a tiny and different restaurant at dinner, a walk on an unknown curious sidewalk.
This year you want to accomplish with your photography…
I’d like to finish some book plans I’ve been working on.

Where can our readers find you and your work online?