Interview with Shelbie Dimond

Shinning deeply with a magic we adore, and with too many passions to be contained, Shelbie Dimond has presented herself as our latest love that is inspiring us to keep on truckin’. We find there’s an immense beauty in seeing someone reaching fervently for the things they love no matter how great or small they may be, and having determination and passion to make those dreams come true. Shelbie Dimond’s dreams consisted of a modelling, photography, and acting, all of which she immersed herself into completely – she’s the perfect embodiment of someone who made those dreams a reality.  With a portfolio consisting of candid fashion images and sweet self portraits that ooze a dreamlike attitude of effortless beauty there’s no denying this girl will continue to shine like a star.


Who is Shelbie Dimond?
21, based in the SF Bay Area, originally from a small rural town in Western Michigan. I am quite smitten with my hubs, Oscar, and my bunny, Henry. Ice cream, instant film, lingerie, vintage clothing, Eminem, and roller-skating are a few of my favorite things.


You’re quite talented dabbling in photography, acting and modelling! Do you find it difficult finding a balance between the three?
Thank you! I am a photographer first and foremost, I didn’t begin posing for other photographers until I moved to the Bay when I was 18. I try to balance it all, but honestly my photography work holds the most meaning to me. I’d love to do more acting. The film “Hold Still” ,based off the YA novel by Nina LaCour, is due for screening sometime this year. I played “Ingrid”- a very haunted high school girl. The story is incredibly beautiful. I would recommend reading the novel!


If you had to pick one which of the three do you undeniably love overall?
Photography, most definitely. I like to be in control. I like to choose which moments to capture- I have my own story to tell.


It’s inspiring to see someone put their passion and energy into all of what they love. What’s some advice you could give to an aspiring artist passionate for all things creative?
JUST. DO. IT. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Not even yourself. If you want it, you can have it. Practice and persistence is key.


We love your photography! Do you primarily work with film?
Yes! Film seems much more second nature to me. Digital is overwhelming. There is also a certain quality of “honesty”- if you will- with film.


What inspires your creative ideas?
I draw inspiration from literally all aspects of my life. I love capturing things that aren’t quite as they seem. I like creating stories. I’m also heavily influenced by things of the past. Old films, vintage lingerie, etc. I’m beginning to draw a lot of inspiration from the female nude form, and can’t wait to explore it more.


How would you describe your perfect day?
Coffee in the morning, the perfect hair-set, a beautiful dress from the 1940s, my sx-70 in hand and a lovely lady to take photos with. Ending with sushi for dinner, ice cream for desert, and an episode of the X-Files with Oscar.

Your photography has a distinct soft style. How would you like your viewers to feel when gazing at your photographs?
I want to give my viewers a sense of familiarity. Nostalgia. Longing. Love. Even heartbreak.


What has been most exciting modelling job so far?
I just did a modeling job along-side Oscar, shot by my good friend Todd Hido. I’m not sure if I can tell all the details just yet, the release date is going to be in May (I believe?) Here’s a little teaser: the publication is not an American publication. I’m very excited about this one.


What can we expect from Shelbie Dimonds’ future?
That’s a good question! I’m currently asking that one myself. I’m going to Paris for the first time this coming May. I will be visiting by myself- just to explore and take photos. Self portraits in particular. I’m really wanting to focus in on my self portraiture work again. It’s how I started out shooting, and I find it’s almost like therapy for me, in a sense. I love figure modeling for artists and illustrators, so hopefully more of that to come as well. My lovely friend, Erin (aka ErinTheArtist) and I are working on a series of self portraits taken together, and hope to have a show of the work sometime this year.