Cleo by Joshua Maxwell de Hoog

Joshua Maxwell de Hoog was first introduced to us through the photography of Caitlin Morey as a model for our Issue 2 cover story Sun-kissed Love in 2011. It wasn’t until recently that we came across Joshua again, this time not as a model, but as an artist. We were instantly blown away by his ability to capture his subjects so effortlessly; two friends spending the afternoon together as he documents their adventures with film. The images present themselves as genuine, relatable, and natural portraits of each individual that are nothing short of stunning. Shot in Daylesford, Victoria Australia, here he spends the afternoon with model Cleo Coppinger.

Cleo for Zeum Magazine-2 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-3 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-4 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-5 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-6 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-8 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-9 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-10 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-11 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-12 Cleo for Zeum Magazine-13 Cleo for Zeum Magazine
Halter: Handmade, Shirt: Vintage Mustang, Jeans: Vintage, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Witu.