Carly Scott

We’ve followed her work for quite some time. There’s something about the way she caputures feelings and moments, raw emotions, beauty, youth. Here we pick the brain of English photographer Carly Scott“I was born in Canvey Island, Essex. I have lived in London now for 12 years so I could call this my home. I lived in Australia for a year when I was 17 which is when I first became interested in photography. I have been taking photographs since then, but more seriously in the last 5 years. I decided to go back to university to study photography which I will be graduating (hopefully) next year.”

Are there any particular moods or feelings you try to capture or portray through your work? I guess I react to a feeling I have at the time when im shooting but I also I try to find something special and genuine.
What do you feel makes a successful image? For me personally a successful image would be one that gives me a feeling, and I think to myself ‘I wish I took that’.
Walk us through a typical photo shoot day for you! I’ve found each shoot to be very different so its difficult for me describe exactly what goes on. A lot of my shoots are on location, so I will be very anxious all week checking the weather every hour. The majority of the work that goes on is before the shoot, such as concepts/research/castings/meetings. On the day of the shoot I am usually at the location before anyone else. It helps me to take a moment and take in the surroundings once again before the shoot. I try to make sure there is a lot of energy on the shoot and everyone is happy.
The song you have on repeat at the moment?
The Doors – My Wild Love
Have you ever found yourself being photographically inspired by music or a particular song? Where do you tend to find inspiration for your work? Music definitely inspires my work but I cant think of a particular song to mind, it’s more of the feeling I get from music, it’s usually a mixture of listening to music and my surroundings. I seem to get more ideas when I’m walking through the city with my Ipod playing very loud.
The best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Regret what you don’t do, not what you do, do.
What can we expect from you in the future photographically? The next coming months I will be shooting a lot in Europe which im very excited about. I will also be finishing my degree. Its going to be a very busy year…