Dasha by Salvador Dewald

Austrian photographer Salvador Dewald, who is currently based in the U.K. and studying at UCA Rochester, has here brought to us at Zeum an undeniably alluring, impeccably styled, and oddly haunting photo series. In addition to being quite obviously beautifully captured, there’s just a certain naturally unflinching quality inherent to these shots, that we just find absolutely fascinating.

Photography | Salvador Dewald
Photo Assistant | Luke Charles
Model | Dasha Duben @ M+P Models
Art Director | Stylist: Sandra Falase
Stylist | Abdul Adama

Salvador Dewald-2 Salvador Dewald-3 Salvador Dewald-4 Salvador Dewald-5 Salvador Dewald-6 Salvador Dewald-7 Salvador Dewald

The Model Dasha can be seen here wearing a grey jacket by William Cuthbertson, with all black clothing provided by Allsaints, and the brown jacket by Sandra Falase being the stylist’s own.