Paola Vivas x Yuriko Kikuchi

Originally from Mexico, 26 year old photographer Paola Vivas shares something in common with Japanese designer Yuriko Kikuchi; they both have been living and working in London, UK for 4 years now. Currently attending the London College of Fashion, Vivas describes her work as mostly natural and organic  with a lot of  femininity and fun mix of Mexican colours. Kikuchi has graduated from Bunka Gakuen University (Japan) and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She is now working as a freelance fashion designer & pattern cutter, as well as working on her own projects. Together in their new home the two have made magic with their recent look book collaboration for Yuriko’s ss14 jewelry line Child’s Mind.

Paola Vivas-Yuriko Lookbook-Maria-36-2

Tell us a bit about the collection and your day shooting the look book with Paola.
I got my inspiration from memories of my childhood. When I was child, I wanted to wear my mum’s jewelry, which was sparkly and gorgeous. I remember that I was really excited to open her jewelry box and try them on in secret. I also wanted to have my own jewelry, so I made hair accessories or a necklace using some flowers in the park and asked my mum to buy me sweets that came with plastic jewelry…So this time I really wanted to create the jewelry with a sense of fun! Not only beautiful or gorgeous.

I wanted the photos to have a soft atmosphere and I thought it was good to have natural sun light and some natural colour backgrounds such as grass, trees, flowers and sky.

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Natural flora is a recurring theme in your work. Would you say nature is your biggest influence when it comes to designing? I would say yes, even with my previous work I got a lot of inspiration from landscapes. I don’t know why but maybe because I grew up in the countryside in Japan. There are a lot of mountains and I used to play with flowers and trees. Maybe that’s why nature is one of the biggest influences for me.e7db523e-aca4-4ab1-94ac-2c7d38340314 7a815c30-16f7-45eb-bbfa-b7333e788a4a
Future plans for your collection? I would like to keep working on my collection. And I would like to sell my work in stores or some markets.048cb057-5097-4d6c-8e64-cb90b598dcc0Paola Vivas-Yuriko Lookbook-Maria-62
Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? I think the best advice I got about my designs was from the interviewer when I applied for Central Saint Martins. The interviewer told me ” You should expand your scope if you want to study in London. You should try to get new ideas and try to design something totally different from your previous work. If you promise that I can give you an offer….” The reason the interviewer told me this was that I only focused on one thing and I did not try to get new ideas or inspirations. Even when I changed the concept it was something very similar to the work I’d already done before. So after he told me that I could totally refresh myself, my ideas and designs,  I really enjoyed designing more and more.172262c7-ec4a-428c-b35a-6e92c0c0cac1 38e7a841-88b0-4897-a1fb-f7feae66f2a6
Where can readers find your work online/in store? You can contact me by email or you can find my work on Etsy. My website will be set up by next year, 2014.

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