Exuding raw romanticism through the simplicity of quirky forms and dainty structures there is something unequivocally unique about Flame&Pickle‘s hand crafted  jewelry. Creating beautiful accessories through an intricate and lengthy process designer Caitlin Healy transcends our limits of love. Gently infused with femininity and boldness these exquisite pieces are fashioned into lighting bolts, dinosaurs, cowboy boots and other whimsical objects; making Flame&Pickle the perfect addition to your wardrobe to induce your friends into a state of utter fashion envy.

Model // Iris Hall @ Viviens Model Management
Photographer // Andrea Jankovic
Makeup Artist // Zoe Tranter

Tell us a bit about yourself; the creator behind sweet and crafty Flame&Pickle.
My name is Caitlin, I’m 25 and I live in Brisbane in a little apartment that is too small for a jewellery workshop. I operate my little handmade jewellery business from a workshop in what used to be my bedroom at my parents house. 


How did you adoration, passion and love for this craft first blossom?
I always loved jewellery – I used to wear as much of it as I could cram on my body! Even when I was little people would always give me jewellery-making kits, beads and second-hand jewellery because I couldn’t get enough of making it and wearing it. I think it was my sister who first suggested I could take it further. I was in highschool and looking for something to focus on when I graduated. I was already selling some jewellery at a local gift shop but hadn’t explored the idea of working with precious metals before! I took her advice, and signed up for a short course in silversmithing straight after highschool. It was good advice.


We’re aware that you put every part of yourself into creating such exquisite pieces; is it difficult process to construct the pieces? Could you please tell us a bit about that process?
Sometimes it’s difficult, other times it comes more easily. Whenever I’m trying something completely new to me, it always takes a couple of tries before I’m happy with it. My process is quite simple as the designs I make aren’t overly technical and I still have a lot to learn. I generally start with a flat piece of silver, usually a piece of sheet metal which I’ll cut to shape using what is basically a tiny hack saw. If any shaping needs to be done then I have to heat the metal with a flame, the process is known as annealing – making the metal soft enough to bend and fold. Then I solder anything that needs to be attached and pop it in the pickle to remove the oxidisation from all the annealing and soldering. After that comes the long proccess of filing, sanding and eventually polishing the piece. It’s quite a lengthy process from start to finish. But then comes the best part, packaging it up and sending it off to it’s new home or, if I’m really lucky, personally presenting the finished piece to it’s new owner.  

Where do your ideas stem from, what inspires your pieces?
Inspiration comes from everywhere! Of course there’s holidays and nature that help to inspire me, things like trips to the beach or bushwalks. Sometimes I’ve been inspired while watching TV or listening to music. It’s so hard to pinpoint! These days I have people who give me little bits and pieces they’ve picked up on the beach or on the footpath that look interesting – even those little objects can inspire a new design.
What has been the most memorable moment of your career; something that made your heart flutter with joy, or smile with pure happiness?
It’s ongoing – making my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding rings. I was very unsure if I could pull it off as I hadn’t made anything in a while. They totally put their trust in me and now, whenever I see them wearing them I get very smiley. It was very emotional watching them exchange them on their wedding day.
FLAME AND PICKLE JEWELLERYWhat is your favourite piece to date and why?
Ah that’s such a hard question! I won’t cop-out and say ‘all of them’ so maybe Ross? He was the first thing I put up on my website for sale and he’s been doing really well for me, plus I wear my own Ross a lot. In terms of custom pieces – I honestly love them all – but I’ve made 3 pairs of earrings for brides recently, all of which I’ve been really proud of.
What darling designs can we expect to see from you next?
I’m trying to work more with semi-precious stones and minerals for the next few pieces, they’re a good challenge for me. I have some new shapes coming up soon that I’ll be making into pendants and brass rings, as well as bangles, bangles, bangles! I’m also desperately trying to make a little range for men, maybe some rings, tie pins & cufflinks.
FLAME AND PICKLE JEWELLERYIf you could envision a type of girl that wears your pieces, what type of girl would she be?
Well, if I can get this men’s range out she might not be a girl at all!

When you picture the future of Flame & Pickle and yourself what do you see in it?
I hope Flame&Pickle has a long future and develops a little name for itself online. The long (long) term goal is to have a bricks and mortar shop one day. It would be so great to share a shop with a bunch of other creative types all producing and selling from the same location.