Catherine Booty

Enchanting us with hazy, delicate, and dream-like analogue images, (almost!) 21-year-old Catherine Booty is a new favourite here at Zeum. Her work presents elements of femininity and youth, all to be combined with underlying layers of personal experience, thought and emotion. Here we talk with the Manchester, UK based artist about these motives behind her work and some of her favourite things at the moment.

Please tell us a bit about yourself both as a person and as an artist. I am a constant thinker. My mind never really switches off which I guess is one of the main reasons I fell in love with taking photographs. I’m not the best at talking about how I feel, so this is my way of getting all of my thoughts and feelings down.

Photographs often evoke thoughts, feelings and memories when being viewed. To us your work feels incredibly nostalgic, especially with it being analogue. Is there a specific message or mood you hope to translate through your work? 
My work is always kept very personal and is based usually upon my current mood/feelings. I shoot with film because I find the images produced are always more believable. My main aim as a photographer is to be able to reach through to whoever is looking at my photographs and to connect with them in some way. There are many photographers who I follow that constantly produce beautiful, emotional images that I feel I can relate to in some way and I always want to be able to give that back.

Your dream photo shoot or model(s) to work with? I’ve been shooting with model Chelsea Edge over the last couple of months, which has been really fun. If I could choose a dream location though it would have to be San Francisco! I spent 5 weeks over the summer working alongside my favourite photographer, Hana Haley and seriously regret not shooting out there! It’s such a beautiful place.

The song you have on repeat at the moment? Jo – Goldfrapp


Have you ever found yourself being photographically inspired by music or a particular song? Music is a constant source of inspiration for me. I’ll always be dreaming of shoots whilst listening to music on my long bus journeys to Uni. La Ritournelle – Sebastien Tellier is one of my favourite songs of all time and could soundtrack a lot of my shoots. In the same way that I’m inspired by the mood conveyed through images, song moods will inspire me also.

Do you create art in any other mediums beside photography? I like working on short films and I’m hoping to start making them more often. Taking photographs will always be my favourite way of working though.

Where can our readers follow you and your work online?
I’m on Instagram. My username is Catherinerbooty.
As well as that I’ve got a flickr account at