Knots and Knits

Richly textured and beautifully crafted Knots and Knits signature pieces deliver a whole new perspective on knitwear. With a vivid palette of colours Megan Todd has twisted the use of natural textures and a traditional craft that draws up images of your grandmother, and takes it to a new raw and wild level with traces of femininity exuding from each of the pieces.

Knots and Knits hand knitted bags and accessories are created using a rope and large pegs to form a hugely oversize knitted structure which haven’t ever had the pleasure of feasting our eyes upon before. Her earthly designs captivate us, bringing to mind warm summer days and a hint of nostalgia when we think back on our knitting grandmothers. These unique designs by Megan Todd are a must have for summer time and every other day in between.

Photography// Sam Thies
Model// Brooke Monohan
Styling// Sarah Birchley
Hair// Paula Kelly & Chantel Davis
Makeup// Gemma Elaine

Photography: Sam Thies Model: Brooke Monohan Styling: Sarah Birchley  Hair: Paula Kelly & Chantel Davis Makeup: Gemma Elaine

How did this idea of large knotted accessories ever come to you?
I have always had a love for chunky knitwear combined with different yarns and mediums. However, it wasn’t until I was working in London for Antipodium and James Long that the spark of starting my own label came about. Both businesses were small and intimate producing high quality garments. James Long sold high quality hand made knitted jumpers made by his Mum. All this combined inspired me to start a business in high quality hand made knitwear. However, the trick was providing knitwear that can be worn all year round throughout our hot Aussie summers. So I came home and started playing with idea’s for knitwear for summer, and quickly came up with my knitted roping bags!

Photograph: Megan Todd

Photograph: Megan Todd

When were you first introduced to fashion?
As long as I can remember I was always wanting to be a fashion designer. I used to watch the Queensland fashion awards on tv when I was 8 or 9, and remember knowing then I wanted to be a fashion designer. My Nana is a crazy crafty lady and taught me to sew and hand make things when I was young. I think the first thing I ever made was a pair of pajama’s when I was 10!


Has working with designers Antipodium and James Long helped with the creation of your own label?
Absolutely. I think all my experiences in the fashion industry helped shape the idea of going out on my own and how I would go about it. I never thought I would own my own label, but by the time I was in London working for Antipodium and James Long, I was definitely inspired to come home and start my own label in knitwear for summer!


You’ve described yourself using tent sized pegs to create your pieces, is it a difficult process to create pieces like this?
It is definitely not easy on the hands! I think I am very much used to it now, although when I have a lot of orders, it is definitely hard work. I am just so appreciative that so many people love my work and support my label, so that is always a strong incentive to keep going!


Are there any other mediums you would like to experiment with?
So many!! It is a matter of finding the time to continually experiment and play with new idea’s, then producing into something that can be reproduced easily for an affordable price. For the new season, I have played with weaving and crocheting to introduce some new techniques and textures, which I am very excited about! I love exploring old crafts and re-inventing them through different mediums and designs!


Can you give us a little insight into what we can expect in your next collection?
New techniques, old techniques, new colours and styles mixed with the classic Knots and Knits styles. I am also branching into new area’s and genre’s this season, and looking to push the custom made one-off’s even further too.


Where do you hope yourself and your brand will be in the future?
I have big plans for Knots and Knits! I feel like it is only in it’s very early stages, with so many avenue’s yet to explore! I am wanting to create a shared studio and creative space,  and venture into the retail world too.


How would you describe a Knots and Knits girl?
The Knots and Knits girl is every girl that has a love for high quality and unique hand made items that have a point of difference. They can appreciate the time gone into making each piece. The brilliant thing about making accessories like these, is that is caters to every girl. It does not discriminate on age, shape or size – and I love that.