Anca G. Lungu

Fashion illustrator Anca G. Lungu possesses an undeniable level of expertise in depicting realism in her illustrations. Flowing and feathery textures and genuine expressions are communicated by Anca with a striking and uncommon degree of naturalism. And we at Zeum especially admire her for her for the obvious ease with which she portrays the effects of light and shadow on the face, and we love her use of an intensely luminous and soft color palette, these being just some of many qualities that we could list that unifies her steadily growing collection of works [the progression of which we can be sure to keep you posted on]!

Tell us a bit about yourself Anca! Where are you from and what inspired you to become a fashion illustrator?

I was born and raised in Romania. After graduating from University of Fine Arts, I took my master’s degree in Fashion Design in Florence, Italy. I am currently residing in Montreal and working in the fashion industry. I have been interested in fashion since I was little and from the age of about six, and I have always loved drawing Japanese manga inspired artwork like Sandybell, Candy, or Perrine. When asked, I would tell people I wanted to be a painter when I grew up.287296c951d8748b63e815457222b7c0

What materials do you typically use in crafting your illustrations? And would you say there are any that you are favoring at the moment?

I use an ordinary 0.5mm or 0.7mm mechanical pencil loaded with 2B. This gives me a consistent line at all times and no sharpening required. To shade large areas I use wooden pencils and colored pencils to add color. At the end, I do final adjustments in Photoshop. I love both traditional and digital media.66d267ef7fd806b5b96b866beca9214d

Please list some of your all-time favorite designer(s) and/or lines.

I like Japanese fashion best, it is bold, inspiring and sometimes borders on the unusual. I can name Tsumori Chisato for her prints, patterns, strong colors and her love for cats, which you can often see in her collections. In addition, I’m a great fan of belgian Avant Garde designers like Ann Demeulemeester for her aesthetic and bohemian poetic feel.5017553675cc751f9eeac279b20198c4

Your favorite film?

”The Hurt Locker”.  The narrative “surprise,” and the motivational monologue at the end, I know it by heart, I think it is amazing.de21f8c18bf276e0a978763a82dd0b76

Can you tell us which fashion illustrators and/or artists of any medium that you feel have inspired your work to the greatest degree? 

Guy Bourdin, with his unmistakable fashion photography work and painter Kasimir Malevich for his philosophical and theoretical approach to art.1a0153e81d1b7897cd64ff10d6dedc98

What do you feel makes a successful fashion illustration?

A successful illustration needs to grab the eye from a distance and have enough action to draw you in. Once it has caught your attention, it needs to have details to move the viewer’s eye throughout the piece.0e46992beecd2fa17358dc9780a9522e8bc365a741b10b431fae467b5468d5c9

What is the best piece of art advice that you have ever received?

Probably the best advice I have received was that with light, portraiture becomes a game of shadows. Light and shadows visually define everything.4fc6aca48728c5712399ab9ec128a0ed

What does your art mean to you? And what can your audience expect from you in the near future?

Art is my best friend, my therapist. When I draw its stress relieving. It also gives me something to look forward to after work every day. As I am a believer in constant improvement, we all need to learn various things on a continuous basis to perform the best of our abilities; hopefully my work will be better than it is today.00a79397d204ba08e7634b66cc526e84