Jade Lockett

Just as mirroring is a characteristic unique to, and unifying, much of the works produced by illustrator Jade Lockett, or “Pocket Lockett” as she sometimes goes by; we can see Jade’s nostalgia for the past, and her great love of animals and nature; paralleled in her art. We are so excited to here get the chance to introduce those of you who as of yet might be unfamiliar with Jade’s work with a small selection of her lovely and fascinating illustrations and design pieces. And we have a feeling that, much like we at Zeum were at just a glance; you will be as instantly and irrevocably smitten with her work as we were!

Tell us a little bit about yourself Jade! Where are you from, and how did you get started as an illustrator?

I’m from Huddersfield in the U.K and I’m currently studying Illustration at the University of Huddersfield. My path as an illustrator started when I went to Huddersfield New College, to start my A Levels,where I studied Graphic Illustration for two years. During my time on the course my teacher helped me to build my confidence in my work and my skills. During my second year I practically lived in the classroom. My friends used to joke that I lived in a tent in the store cupboard I was there that much.#1

How did you come across the nickname “Pocket Lockett”?

The nickname Pocket Lockett was given to me by a classmate from my Graphic Illustration class. With the last name Lockett most people think of the nursery rhyme Lucy Locket, so this is where Pocket Lockett came from. Once other people in the class heard the nickname they began referring to me as Pocket, which lead to me associating the name with part of who I was as a designer.

List five things that fascinate you.

Nature, Animals, Rain, Fireworks and Sunsets.


Describe your work in three words.

Natural, Mirrored, Vintage.

Your favourite childhood memory?

This would have to be when my parents took me and my younger sister to swim with the dolphins when I was 11 years old. I remember on the day they took us to the Discovery Cove, they wouldn’t tell us where we were going. The whole car ride there we begged them to tell us where we were going. The experience was unforgettable, it was amazing to be so close to an animal that I had adored for years.#2

Can you tell us any songs, stories, or films etc. that you feel have had a significant impact upon the creation of any of your pieces?

Music has a really big impact on my mood. A song that always gets me fired up to start designing is Vagabond by Wolfmother, this is because the song has a catchy and uplifting beat. A story that has influenced a lot of my work is the Tale of Peter Rabbit. The illustrations by Beatrix Potter have always been a favourite of mine and lead to my love of illustrating woodland animals.

Please list some artists [of any medium] that you admire.

Two illustrators that I admire are Cecilia Carlstedt and Gabriel Moreno. These two artists combine very detailed drawings with various styles and editing. I love that they create lovely pencil drawings and then combine them with different styles and editing to create interesting and detailed illustrations. I think this helps their work stand out as it has something unique about it. This has had a big impact on my work, as digital editing and a combination of elements is something that I use a lot to create my illustrations.WrappingPaper

What do your pieces mean to you, and what do you hope they will mean to your audience?

Nature inspires all of my illustrations. When I see beautiful flowers or cute animals I want to record them in a visual medium, so I don’t forget the beauty of nature. To me my work is a reflection on the things that inspire and interest me. My illustrations also reflect my perfectionism. For me a piece of work has to have lots of close looks and fine corrections.

I hope that to an audience my illustrations get people to appreciate how beautiful nature is. With my illustrations not having a clear narrative, I would like to hope that people find my work visually appealing and create their own perception of the illustrations.#3

What can we expect from you and your work in the near future?

Over the next few months I want to work on my drawing skills. I will be soon going into my final year of University and I want to make sure I have a strong skill base to make the best work I can. Drawings of people is something I have neglected in my illustrations, as I am do not feel very confident about their quality. So I would like to experiment with this to make sure that my designs are not limited. If the experimentation is a success I would like to try some fashion based illustrations.

A project that I am currently planning with photographer and friend, Nicole Jopek, is to combine my illustrations with her photography. This is something that we are both really excited about. I really admire Nicole’s work and think she is very talented so I can’t wait to see what result we get.#4