Since our launch in July of 2011, we’ve proudly published 4 print issues with HP Magcloud, and 2 print issues by ourselves. The decision to print independently was a big one, and a risk we felt was necessary to take in order to push Zeum to the next level.

The last print issue we published was our Fall 2012 issue last October. Many of you are probably thinking (and lots have asked us!), “Why are you only publishing webtorials and work online? When is the next print issue being released? Why have you crossed out your submission guidelines on the website?”

Here are your answers!

When we printed independently, we paid out of our own pockets for a bulk order of issues upfront, before they became available to the public. We’d make a very small profit off of each issue (after the base cost of printing+packaging+shipping was all totalled) in hopes that we could use that money to print the next issue. It would be an endless cycle of turning the money around to use for printing until we could get off our feet. The issues even with our small markup were cheaper to buy than through Magcloud, and we were very excited about that.

The only issue: we were now responsible for shipping the purchased magazines. We admit it was fun designing and printing custom stickers and making trips to the post office, but a lot of people were hesitant to buy an issue because the international shipping rates are quite expensive from Canada, and the wait times on multiple issues in one package seemed to take up to a month or two because the order had to be sent by boat. While shipping costs to the United States and within Canada were still very reasonable, the majority of our readers and contributors are internationally located. With that being said, we are still stuck with 3 boxes of magazines that haven’t been bought, and although we’ve still done amazingly well and managed to sell a tonne!, it hasn’t been enough to make any profit, or even fully pay for another issue.

We love what we do, and we are blessed to have gotten the opportunity to learn about and share the work of so many talented artists. Not being able to design for a few months, or update regularly has been hard on us; we want to keep supplying you with wonderful art. We owe it to you, you’ve been incredibly dedicated and wonderful readers.

We really do not want to backtrack on the steps we have made and start printing full size magazines with Magcloud again. We are in love with the matte paper stock and the final look of the magazines we’ve managed to print independently, and feel it really is a big leap from the look of what was once printed with Magcloud.

BUT! In order to (hopefully!) fund our own future print issues, and for us to continue our love for designing and share Zeum with all of you, we are in the process of creating two small zines of the best of online content. These zines will be sold through magcloud with their new matte paper option, and we’re very excited about the design and the chosen work going into them. Just like the larger magazines the images flow into one another creating beautiful and dreamy stories.

The Benefits of Zines

  • Size and Weight: The cost per page to print is cheaper and shipping costs are minimal, meaning you can now have a copy of Zeum in your own hands for much, much cheaper.
  • And, they’re really cute.

So, to our contributors! We are still accepting online submissions only. If your work is chosen it will be published as a webtorial or feature on Zeum Online, and could later be chosen to have selections in a printed zine. You can submit either to submission.zeummag@gmail.com, or web.zeummag@gmail.com.

We hope you understand where we’re coming from, continue to support Zeum, and are just as excited about our upcoming zines as we are!

Copies of our independently printed issues are available at our online store with no markup and with a discount applied on top.

Feel free to comment, rant, or rave below, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Danielle and the Zeum Team x

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