AFTER SCHOOL by Igor Termenon

In this compelling photo series entitled “After School”, which was brought to us by Scotland-based photographer Igor Termenon and his team, a contrast of bold and dark colors act as the aesthetic for softly emotional and artfully-executed scenes. As we at Zeum are great supporters of outstanding collaborative work, it is our pleasure to, yet again, direct you to the work of some extremely talented up-and-comers, who are all artists in their own right and medium; and have here produced a remarkably fresh, and truthfully lovely and cohesive photo-set.

Photographer// Igor Termenon
Models// Ciara Rafferty @ Model Team & Sophie Brooks @ Colours
Stylist// Katherine Whyte
Make Up & Hair// Caron Tait

Igor-Termenon-Look 1 -1 Igor-Termenon-Look 1-2 Igor-Termenon-Look 1-3 Igor-Termenon-Look 1-4 Igor-Termenon-Look 1-5 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-2 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-3 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-5 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-8 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-9 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-11 Igor-Termenon-Look 3-3 Igor-Termenon-Look 4-2 Igor-Termenon-Look 2-10Igor-Termenon-Look 4-3