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WINTER IS AROUND THE CORNER AND IT’S TIME TO BUNDLE UP. Fall marks the transition from the warmth of summer to the cool days of winter. This is always the season of the most marked change in the world around us. Though many see it most simply as the onset of a temporary sleep or deadening of the earth, we like to think of it much akin to the falling action of a great and endearing story. The short and fragile time immediately preceding the final resolution of a tale. Every year inevitably brings new thoughts, feelings, discoveries, and people into our lives. And if you let these new elements come into play throughout any story’s inception, this is the time of great change and suspense. It is this idea that fueled this issue. Here you will see and experience the art and thoughts of individuals who have let their own sagas play out in visceral and powerful ways. Such people who only hope to share the stories they construct with all those open and ready to experience them. This is our storybook of fall. We dedicate this compilation of deep colours, striking images, and revelatory words, to the time of year when the world changes into the most coloUrful and striking version of itself, and to the amazing people who’ve contributed to it. Many of whom we’ve sadly never met, but still greatly admire.

A big thank you goes out to the love and support from Ingela Furustig, Sarah Campbell, and our wonderful printing company. But most importantly it goes out to our amazingly talented contributors- Jane&Jane, Ivy Nine Designs, Marina Refur, Lauren Treece, Cecy Young, Gabriela Celeste, Vikky Ivie, Leslie Andrews, Lucy Rice, Hana Haley, Carne Griffiths, Jonny Burt, Rut Sigurdardottir and their creative teams.


– The Zeum Team