Paulina Metzscher

17 year old photographer Paulina Metzscher [who currently lives in the North of Germany] takes simple subjects and creates beautiful images, with delicate focus placed upon flowing lines, ethereal lighting, and deep color. These photos have a surprising and unwavering strength to them. And the subject of each somehow seems to simultaneously blend into, and stand in stark contrast with; the surroundings in which they are placed. We at Zeum have fallen in love with these photos, and one glance was all it took!

A great number of your photos are shots in which your subject’s face is turned away from the camera, or obscured. Would you say that this is intentional?

It’s not intentional but it might be subconscious. I think it’s a way of communicating with the viewer. Not showing my subject’s face creates a sense of mystery, a world around secrets and dreams. It’s a part of a story I wish to tell through my photographs. A story of the unknown.

Describe your work in three words.

Wistful, silent, nostalgic.

What song do you have on queue in your itunes right now?

Thirteen Thirtyfive by Dillon.

Who is your favorite photographer?

Laura Makabresku, Taya.i and worteinbildern on flickr are just a few photographers to mention from my constant source of inspiration.

Can you tell us a bit about why you decided to title your flickr albums in accordance to your age at the time of shooting your photos?

Though I became interested in photography years before, my love for it really began with the age of fifteen (my first album on flickr). I guess it started with the discovery that taking photographs means to be able to lend an echo to something that would’ve otherwise burst and then quickly faded. Therefore titling my flickr albums in accordance to my age helped me furthermore to tell apart from which period of life I’ve frozen moments from. And looking back on my flickr album “age sixteen” for example, I know exactly what I was feeling back then and at the same time I realize that I’ve grown and developed. Photography makes me come to a clearer understanding of who I am and in times of growing up, it is one of the only ways for me that is able to silence the chaos of all my feelings.

What do you hope to communicate to those who follow your work, through your photographs?

I want to make people feel. I want my photographs to whisper a story. A story, as I said before, of the unknown, a story of a silent journey, a story with no end and no beginning.