Yuli Sato

While currently living and studying in Montreal, Canada, 21 year old photographer Yuli Sato creates haunting and uncommonly accessible scenes through her work. We love love love the dark tones, saturated colors, and virtually tangible textures present in her pieces. These lovely photos are great proof of Yuli’s talent for catching effortlessly stunning shots often in moments of apparent candidness.

What inspires you and your work to the greatest degree?
Light, people, just moments I happen upon.

Describe your work in three words.
Nostalgic, romantic, and diaristic.

Your favorite film?
Eternal Sunshine, Amelie, or The Royal Tenenbaums. If you mean photographic film, Kodak Portra 160NC (sadly discontinued).

The song you have on repeat at the moment?
Irene – Beach House. Or anything by Beirut.

Your dream location to shoot?
Honestly anywhere, but I’d love to shoot in Europe.

What do your photos mean to you?
They are a document of the people I meet and the places I see. They mean everything to me.