Rachel Thalia Fisher

We at Zeum are in awe of the natural elegance ingrained in all scenes that 20 year old New York City photographer Rachel Thalia Fisher constructs. The use of rich, flowery, and fair colors and tones in her works leaves each photo with an inexplicable allure, and soft and classical beauty. Her portraits are uncommonly lovely and full of light, and we have no doubt that those made familiar with her work share the same sentiments.

Describe your photos in three words.
Ethereal, romantic, vulnerable.

How did you first get interested in photography?
When I was about 12 I started running around with a point and
shoot camera, taking pictures of shadows and light and things
that I thought were interesting. This interest slowly grew into
taking portraits of friends, and then models.

Your favorite time of day to shoot?
Any time of day! It depends on the concept of the shoot, and
what kind of light you want. Shooting during golden hour can
give you a lovely romantic feel, whereas early in the morning
can give you an entirely different feel.

Do you have a favorite subject you like to shoot?
I love to shoot interesting and unique looking girls. To me,
generically pretty is much less appealing than an odd looking
girl with mystery in her eyes. I often shoot my subjects looking
fragile or vulnerable, and try to capture the humanity in them.

Where does your inspiration usually come from?
My inspiration comes from other art, and the work of other
photographers that I look up to. It also comes from things
around me that I see every day, like hands, toes, morning light,
reflections, patterns, wrinkles, tree branches, bark, folds of
clothing, shadows, light and darkness, people.

What do your photos mean to you?
My photos are a way for me to tell stories without words. I’ve
never been a particularly verbal person, but always have tons
of ideas and visions swirling around in my head. Photography
is my way to show others my world.