The photos produced by 20 year old Kate Pulley truly pull you into a different world, where you are a quiet observer within a ghostly and ethereal setting. Looking at her photos makes us wish that we ourselves were the figure captured in each scene, in which there lies a whispered invitation to explore still, waiting, and expansive – unearthly lands. These photos possess a rare and delicate dream-like quality to them, that speak volumes of Kate’s talent for constructing beautiful and bewildering new realms of reality within each of her works.

Tell us a bit about where you’re from!
I was born in the State of Indiana (USA), but grew up in Tennessee, from 2-13. I was then moved back to Indiana, until I escaped again to Tennessee, at age 17!

Describe your work in three words.
Whimsical, Dark, Otherworldly.

You’ve made a book of photographs titled Vestige. Tell us a bit about its contents and the reasoning behind the name.
It is entirely made up of Polaroids, which I put together in a way that made sense to me. It’s a year old, but contains most of my personal favorites, up until that point. On the title page there is this definition: “Vestige: A trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.” In terms of Polaroid, it obviously fits, but also in the way that my photos often feel. Nostalgic. Memories of the past (Which they are, literally).

Your thoughts on Polaroid no longer making film?
It’s been really hard but I’ve managed to hold on to a few packs over the years, that are always coming to their end. There is nothing like the real thing, but The Impossible Project has been improving their films and I am so glad they are doing what they do to keep instant film alive.

The song you have on repeat at the moment?
I have music playing, constantly. There’s a playlist I put on every day at work, so I go through single songs quickly. Lately I’ve been getting into Radiohead and have listened to the song “Lotus Flower,” quite a bit. As well as, on of my favorite artists, Sin Fang (Sindri Mar Sigfússon) who recently put out an EP, where my favorite track is titled “Shine For Me.”

Have you ever found yourself being photographically inspired by music or a particular song?
All the time! I have a few shots that were even inspired by a lyric and the image, or idea, that a lyric brought to my mind.

Your favourite photographer or artist?
This is literally the hardest question I ever get asked. I have no way to answer it! I am inspired by many people, from many places, and certain singular photos, or sets. It depends on my mood and the timing. Or what a certain artist is currently putting out. I have discovered so many amazing people and photographs, via flickr.com, though. Which is why you’ll always find me there and why it means so much to me!

Do you create art in any other mediums besides photography?
I am a creative person, by nature, but photography is my only real outlet. All other little crafty habits are only quirks.

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