Every piece produced by [sketch, paint, and digital artist] Evens Joseph is delicately detailed, beautiful, and eerily alluring. The mythical, resonant, and dream-like qualities that he continually manages to pour into his creations, has left us at Zeum completely mesmerized (and totally envious). If you’re looking for some genuinely captivating and remarkable works of art, executed with an utterly amazing amount of depth and flow, rest assured that Even’s works are just what you’ve been dreaming of!

It’s interesting to see that you experiment with digital and traditional art, and even occasionally complete illustrations on wooden surfaces! Do you favor any particular medium at the moment? 

I prefer using both pen and pencil on wood because of the tone and texture that it provides. Sometimes I draw on paper because it is  simple to use and paper has always been the first material that I use in a work of art.

You incorporate moths and butterflies into many of your works. Is there any particular significance or meaning behind their inclusion?

The reason why I incorporate moths and butterflies into my work is because most of the creatures from the stories I was told when I was young were based off of butterflies and winged creatures.  As a child, there was a very large butterfly that would come into our house in the afternoon and my mother would say that it was a “winged lady” that was there to watch over us. So in essence, it’s safe to say butterflies and winged creatures played a huge role in my upbringing and culture.

What three words would you use to describe your art?

Mystery, beauty, and folk tales.

How long does it normally take you to complete a piece?

Depending on the amount of detail, 4-5 days.  The largest work that I have done, which measured 24”x 24” took a couple of weeks because of the amount of detail and size.

What inspires and influences you and your creative process?

Nature, fashion, and stories told to me as a child growing up all inspire my work.  And because my work’s theme is usually nature based, I like to use natural elements in my work.

Can you list some artists [of any medium] that you admire?

I actually look at a lot of artist’s work all the time and am always amazed with the quality of work out there.   If I had to chose, they would have to be Alphonse Mucha, for the way he portrays women’s beauty, Arthur Rackham for the way he tells stories through his style, and Eric Fortune for his dream-like illustrations.  As you can see, all of these artists either focus on women and/or fantasy-based stories.

What do your pieces mean to you, and what do you hope they will mean to your audience?

My artwork is a way that I keep my heritage alive and can share their stories and morals with the rest of the world.  Although my “creatures” are influenced by my fashion illustration background, my Haitian themes can still be seen through my pieces.  My creatures are beings, trying to fit in our society.  They use found objects including insects, feathers, etc. just like we use animal fur to cover ourselves but in essence they are the creatures that they are and we are the beings that we are.  The message that I want my audience to see in my work is not just beauty, but I also want to spread the message of acceptance.